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Pexraytech is a Finnish high-tech company developing portable X-ray imaging solutions and security systems. Our security systems combine user centric design and cutting-edge technology to offer high quality solutions affordably.

Our mission is to help governments to increase the level of security for protecting their citizens. Pexraytech does this by offering affordable security solutions to the global market. With a strong know-how and a CAN-DO culture, we believe to make people in every part of the world feel safe and secure.

Company’s headquarters is located in Finland utilizing country’s engineering competencies and capabilities. The key development partner companies are found in United States, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Our global operations are kept agile and the Finnish working culture is the core of our way of working in every location within our company.

Based on strong product development, industry experience, and an exceptional pilot customer, Pexraytech is an important international player straight from the establishment.

Our Team

Pexraytech is a combination of qualified team with know-how from the X-ray detection industry and long industrial experience of several sister companies. Pexraytech has exceptionally solid background and deep insight in X-ray industry even when taking its small size into consideration. The team in Pexraytech has together more than 100 years of experience in developing X-ray products in different industries.