Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, safety is as or even more important than safety in the shipbuilding industry. Any flaws in an aircraft structure can rapidly cause catastrophic failure. Therefore, it is absolutely essential  that all aircraft are inspected to locate even the smallest flaw or defect.

The PXR Alpha series X-ray imaging system is portable, reliable and offers highly detailed X-ray images. This ensures that even the smallest flaws or defects can be detected before they become more serious. 

Shipbuilding inspection

Suggested Configurations


  • PXR HUB controls the panel and the generator
  • Connections can be made wirelessly or by wire
  • Connection by wire can reach up to 50 m
  • Connection by WiFi can reach up to 25 m
  • X-Ray generator and sensor panel are controlled by PXR software
  • PXR panels can be used with third party generators

Key Benefits

  • Easy setup
  • Extremely accurate images
  • Outstanding value
  • Optimal for repetitive, fast workflow
  • Constant potential generator enables kV adjustment for optimal penetration


Flat panels

The PXR Alpha 36

PXR Alpha 36

PXR Alpha 25

PXR Alpha 17


PXR Generator 120

PXR Generator GEXR200

PXR Generator GEXRS3