Get the most out of scanning X-ray detectors

Scanning panels have long been a trusted solution when a large field of view is essential. However, to fully take advantage of the panel’s performance, you should use it in combination with a carefully designed X-ray generator. Read on to discover how a well-matched panel and X-ray generator can take imaging with scanning panels to the next level.

More images without interruptions

With scanning panels, the exposure time is relatively long. Consequently, there are two generator characteristics of particular importance: battery capacity and thermal capacity. A generator with high thermal capacity allows you to scan more images within a short time frame, without waiting for the generator to cool down in between. Large battery capacity means you don’t need to worry about running out of power before you are done imaging.
The X-ray panel naturally also must have sufficient battery capacity for wireless operation without interruptions. This, however, is usually less of a concern.

Sharp images, less blurring with smaller focal spot

For sharp and detailed images, a high-quality panel plays a key role. Almost equally important is the focal spot size of the X-ray generator. An X-ray generator with a large focal spot adds geometrical blur to any structure that is not at zero distance from the panel. A small focal spot minimizes this effect, resulting in images with maximum sharpness.

Penetration that fits the purpose

Penetration power refers to how efficiently X-rays emitted by the generator reach the panel. When the penetration power is appropriate for the purpose, each object in the radiation field gives a response in the panel and is consequently visible in the final image. In contrast, with too small penetration power, some object may be obscured by more radiopaque objects.

This X-ray image has been taken with 60 kV.
Low kV enables the viewer to see the bag of powder, however the low kV did not penetrate the hand gun, therefore the viewer cannot see inside it.

The most effective way to increase penetration power is to increase the kV level, but the X-ray generator always sets a limit for how high you can go. So to avoid blind spots in the images, choose an X-ray generator with a wide enough kV range to fit your needs, and use a kV level that penetrates all objects in the image.

Taking images at high kV settings comes at a price, though. Due to the high radiation level, the panel easily get saturated, leading to loss of potentially valuable information. Radiolucent structures (allowing X-rays to penetrate) becomes invisible in the image.

This X-ray image has been taken with 160 kV.
High kV enables the viewer to see inside the hand gun, however the bag of powder on the right is lost because the image is saturated.

A solution for this is PXR High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. In PXR HDR imaging, images are sampled at various levels of exposure, with the final image being a composition of all exposure levels with a single scan. The result is an image with the best of two worlds – showing details normally only visible at either high or low exposure level in a single image.

This X-ray image has been taken with the PXR HDR function.
HDR function enables the viewer to see both; the bag of powder on the right and inside the hand gun on the left. This function is optimal for security operators.

Our offering

Pexraytech’s new PXR Generator 160 fills all criteria for a high-performing X-ray generator. It’s robust, easy to use, has small focal spot, and offers high penetration and long uninterrupted imaging sessions.

Our PXR Explorer panel features one of the largest image areas on the market. In addition, its PXR HDR scanning function (High Dynamic Range) allows you to view objects with a high range of radiopacity in the same image – a true “Single click – Perfect image” solution.

Together, the PXR Generator 160 and PXR Explorer form a system that is genuinely easy to use and deliver excellent imaging results, every time.

Learn more about our Security systems from our website and contact us for further information!

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