Large shipyard’s Inspector Level 3 amazed by software and generator

Recently, our software team were invited to showcase the PXR Studio software and generator at one of the world’s biggest shipyards. 

“The shipyard’s Inspector Level 3 was amazed by how easy it was to use our software, the top-notch quality of the pictures, and the robustness of the generator. He said he had never seen anything similar,” says Lauri Westling, CEO, Pexraytech.

Pictures of superior quality

At the shipyard, they tested the generator and the software with welded 16 mm steel plate. With a few clicks, the quality of the pictures taken appeared with superior accuracy. In addition, the portable battery operated generator worked smoothly and without any interruption for two hours without over-heating. 

“The generator’s battery is very durable, and due to our unique design, the generator is the only one of its kind on the market that doesn’t suffer from over-heating. The two hours long non-stop session wasn’t challenging at all for the generator nor for the software,” explains Westling. 

The smoothest software on the market

Furthermore, the laptop used for the software at this session, was one of the simplest ones on the market. Still, the software performed smoothly, due to the high standard of the coding, resulting in amazement among the shipyard’s inspectors.

“Our mathematicians have created excellent algorithms which makes it possible to use our software on almost any kind of computer. The responsivity is extreme. Our customers don’t need to buy any extra equipment to be able to get everything they want out of this system,” says Westling.

Since the X-Ray equipment has a durable battery, it is a very useful also on hard-to-reach objects such as ships, oil tanks and pipelines. An additional benefit is that there is no need to take several pictures – one scan is enough. The software takes care of the rest.

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