New Product Family!

We are happy to announce important additions to our growing product family.

The new range includes three new flat panels, two new pulsing generators and a new connection hub for use with both our pulsing and constant potential generators. This new range is Pexraytech’s largest new product introduction to date.

The new PXR Alpha Series panels are designed specifically for NDT inspections. However, the PXR Alpha 25 and PXR Alpha 36 flat panels are also suitable for security applications.

Our new flat panels come in three sizes (PXR Alpha 17, 25 and 36) each with different  pixel sizes and scanning areas. These options allow us to meet our customers’ needs closer than ever before: whether it’s portability, image quality or scanning area you focused on, we’ve got you covered.

Also, our two new pulsing generators (GEXRS3 and GEXR200), are available in two different output ranges. This guarantees highly detailed image quality with minimal radiation dose. In addition, the GEXRS3 generator enables better material penetration for even the most demanding inspections.

Last but not least, our new product range will also include the PXR HUB connection hub, which will enable users to connect all of our generators and panels to a tablet or laptop up to 50 meters away. This will improve safety and conveniency during inspections.

These additions to our product family enables us to offer our customers better solutions and to provide more tailor made systems to meet all our customers needs from NDT inspections to border controls and bomb squad applications.

If you would like to know more about our products, please contact us or download our latest catalogue for detailed product information.

Team Pexraytech

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