Pexraytech launches a new portable and battery powered PXR Generator 160

Long experience in developing X-ray generators has resulted to development of state of the art 160 kV portable X-ray generator. Pexraytech has made significant effort to strengthen their offering in Security and NDT X-ray sector. With a new portable and battery powered X-ray generator, Pexraytech can offer a fully integrated digital X-ray imaging kit with optimized imaging capabilities.

PXR Generator 160 is designed to offer effortless process to inspect security threats, welds, corrosion and to perform other NDT quality assurance. The generator can be controlled via PXR software which results not having to use an extra bulky control box. PXR Generator 160 can be used as a part of PXR system or as a stand-alone product.
Technical specifications in the new X-ray generator are unmatched by other portable X-ray generators in the market. IP65 protection level enables usage in rainy conditions without a fear of water damaging the X-ray machine. Protective bumpers are designed for extra drop protection therefore, operators can move it around carelessly.

PXR Generator 160 has integrated WiFI- module, which enables reliable wireless control with PXR Software. With the integrated antenna, PXR System can be used fully wirelessly reducing the hassle and problems with connectors.

Security operators have a possibility to get material separation function without any hardware filters and HDR images where the dense and light objects are highlighted. With PXR Generator 160, image quality is significantly improved when compared to pulsing generators or other portable X-ray generators in the market.

NDT inspectors have a light weight and accurate portable generator which they can move around to a wanted destination. 0.4 mm focal spot enables sharp image even when the generator is moved close to the detector improving the penetration.

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