Portable X-Ray Systems

All our Portable X-ray systems are engineered for easy setup. Therefore, we are able to offer a user friendly interface that enables any user to perform inspections even in the most urgent situations. In addition, we also offer image interpretation trainings.

Our Portable X-ray systems are designed to meet explicitly the security and safety standards which enable lean cost structures. Pexraytech’s systems are developed together with end-users to ensure user-friendly design. Above all, our X-ray systems are compatible for security applications and they’re a staple to ensure safety and security in public areas, at border controls and in forensic investigations.

PXR Tactical Panel

PXR Tactical panel enables accurate inspections of tight places. With a small pixel size, small and dangerous objects can be found quicker. The tactical panel is engineered for quick and easy setup.

Key specifications:

Active imaging area:300 × 206 mm (11.8 × 8.1 in)
Uncovered active area:5 mm (from bottom)
Pixel size:400 μm

PXR Explorer Panel

PXR Explorer enables accurate inspections of hidden objects. With a large panel size, inspections are quick and effective. A user-friendly interface allows any user to perform inspections in most urgent situations. 

Key specifications:

Active imaging area:600 × 412 mm (23.6 × 16.2 in)
Uncovered active area:5 mm (from bottom)
Pixel size:400 μm

PXR Generator

The PXR Source enables reliable operations when needed. PXR Source is the lightest portable X-ray source in the market. This allows users to setup the source in difficult places using tripods and other accessories.

Key specifications:

Output range:30 kV – 120 kV
Weight:5.7 kg (12.5 lb)
Waveform:Constant potential

PXR Software

PXR Software is the control center of the whole PXR System. Panels and the generator can be controlled with the easy to use software. PXR Software can be installed in any Windows device.

Key specifications:

Two panels:Tactical & Explorer
Generator:PXR Generator
Operating system:Microsoft Windows

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