PXR Alpha 36

Product description

The PXR Alpha 36 large-area Flat Panel Detector with High Resolution allows superior image quality and excellent durability for outdoors.

Lightweight for maximum portability with detachable handles for two sides, and high energy exposure it is versatile and usable for any NDT application.

Intended to be used by NDT Teams in Aerospace and Defense, Construction, Energy and Power, Shipyard, Oil and Gas as well as for EOD and IED Teams and Special Forces.


  • Pixel Size: 140 μm
  • Active area: 358,3 mm × 430,08 mm (14,1 in x 16,93 in)
  • External dimensions: 400 mm × 470 mm × 17 mm (15,7 in × 18,5 in × 0,67 in)
  • Weight: 4,2 kg (7,7 lb)
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours

NDT Applications

Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection

Standardised pipeline inspections are one of the most common Portable X-Ray systems uses in the NDT field. Portable X-Ray systems enable inspections during different stages of the pipeline’s life cycle. For instance, inspectors can perform tests after production, after installation and during usage. Weld quality and corrosion are the most common subjects of pipeline inspections.

With the PXR Alpha series inspections will yield safe and reliable results and a secure experience for its users.

Shipbuilding inspection


One of the most common application for portable X-Ray systems in NDT is for shipbuilding inspections. Portable X-Ray systems are essential in assuring safe seafaring. This is due to the construction methods, materials used in construction. In addition, there are high risks if defects are not located in time. In other words, inspecting welds and other structural constructions is crucial to ensure their quality and detect any possible corrosion.

To guarantee safe travels for any vessel we supply the PXR Alpha series with all the necessary tools to inspect all parts of the ship.

Non-Destructive Testing

Aerospace Industry

When considering the aerospace industry, safety is equally or even more important than within the shipbuilding industry since any flaws in construction can cause quick and disastrous outcomes. Therefore, it is evident that any aircraft is inspected for even minor imperfections.

The PXR Alpha series offers mobile, reliable and detailed imaging equipment. This is to make sure that detection of any of these defects happens in time. Above all, we at Pexraytech design portable X-Ray systems to keep both inspectors and the end users of inspected objects safe.

Security Applications

Portable X-Ray Bomb Disposal


One of the most common application for portable digital X-Ray systems is for EOD and IED inspections. Bomb squads, military forces and special forces can make quick decisions about possible threat objects with a reliable system. The first step for safe neutralization of a possible dangerous object begins with clear insights. With a digital system including a large imaging area, one scan is usually enough to analyse suspicious objects.

Portable X-Ray Border Control

Border Control and Customs

Having an effective border screening operation has a direct impact on the country’s general safety level. Portable digital X-ray systems are effective in the detection of smuggled explosives, narcotics and contraband during customs inspections. In addition, being able to inspect vehicles and other objects which enable smuggling items, allows customs and border control to perform investigations in a non-destructive way without opening them. Therefore, Pexraytech’s portable X-ray solutions are essential in securing borders.

Portable X-Ray Baggage Scan

Baggage Scanning

Abandoned packages in public areas are one of the most over-looked security threats worldwide. However, current investigation methods used by local security operators cannot always guarantee a safe neutralisation of the situation. With portable X-ray systems, safety operators do not have to guess and touch baggages before knowing what exactly there is inside. Thus, our systems are vital in ensuring safety at airports and other public areas.

Portable X-Ray Forensic

Forensic investigation

For a proper crime investigation, police require information on the spot. Therefore, the collection of information needs to be fast and clean without contamination of crime evidence. Pexraytech’s portable digital X-ray systems allow for efficient and reliable inspections. In addition, the large imaging size of our portable digital X-ray system and user-friendly software enables effective use for even the most rare users.