Replacing film with digital NDT equipment – what are the benefits?

Replacing film with a digital X-ray system for weld and corrosion inspection is beneficial in many ways. Read further to learn more about the advantages you get by switching to digital NDT equipment.

Immediate results
An image taken with a digital X-ray system is shown immediately on the screen after the exposure. The operator can ensure that the exposure level is optimal and that all required details are visible before moving on to the next spot. Film requires processing before viewing, which is typically impossible on site. As a result, the operator risks leaving the site with sub-optimal images, which possibly causes a costly and cumbersome re-visit.

Optimal viewing and analysis
Modern digital image processing tools are highly versatile. For example, images can be adjusted and enhanced for optimal viewing, details can be enhanced and zoomed for accurate analysis, and objects can be measured using built-in measurement tools. The range of possibilities using a digital system is enormous compared to a film-based, where post-processing of the image is not possible.

Simple and fast access
Digital images are easy to store and access. You can share them with customers and other stakeholders with only a few mouse clicks. Compared to using film images, you save on physical storage space and ensure that your customers get their results without delay.

Sensitive detectors
High-quality digital X-ray detectors are more sensitive than film and therefore require less dose. Using less dose leads to shorter exposure times and better radiation hygiene. Digital detectors also provide better contrast than film, which benefits image analysis.

Environmental friendliness
Using digital equipment instead of film, you can help your company to reduce its environmental footprint. Whereas Film processing requires dedicated machinery and toxic chemistry, all you need for digital X-ray images is a portable panel and software for your computer.

Economic benefits
The acquisition costs of digital panels might be high, but they are virtually free to operate, whereas each X-ray image taken on film is associated with a cost. With a digital X-ray system, there are no costs for film, chemicals, and film processing machinery.

Using digital NDT equipment, you can have an inspection process with fewer steps and less possibility for human errors. This results in a faster, more reliable, and efficient workflow that will pay back over time.

Digital X-ray systems from Pexraytech
Our modern digital X-ray systems are designed to replace the film in weld and corrosion inspection. Learn more about our NDT systems and applications and contact us for further information!

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