Portable X-ray image Interpretation training

Learning objectives 

The ability to analyze and interpret X-ray images is an important steps for an effective usage of Portable X-ray systems. Pexraytech, together with its partner Finsecpro Ltd. offers a holistic X-ray image interpretation training to Portable X-ray system users. The training is valid for operators that use any type of Portable X-ray systems.

  • EOD/IED training package
  • Border control and Customs inspector training package
  • Prison service training package
  • Security service training package

Training packages include identification of various threats and items of interest, including Improvised Explosive Device (IED) components such as batteries, initiators, explosives, and switches, drugs, electronics, knifes, firearms, ammunition, etc. 

All trainings include radiation safety training for operators to ensure the safe use of the equipment.
This course is effective at improving security staff’s ability to detect threats. The course provides actual performance measurements to evaluate how effective the security operators are in detecting security threats.