Our portable digital X-Ray solutions are strictly designed for the security and safety industry. Therefore, they're streamlined to the industry's essential requirements.
End users have been part of the product development process since the beginning. Therefore, our software is the most intuitive in the portable X-Ray market.


Portable Digital X-Ray Solutions

Pexraytech is a high-tech company supplying portable digital X-ray imaging solutions and security systems. Our mission is to help security professionals to investigate possible threats efficiently and reliably. Above all, our aim is to enable governments to increase their security level.

We are based in Finland utilizing the long local X-ray engineering expertise. Therefore, with a long history in the X-ray field, Pexraytech is able to provide innovative and intuitive X-ray solutions for different security applications.

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Portable X-Ray Bomb Disposal

Portable digital X-ray systems are highly used for EOD and IED inspections across the world. For instance, bomb squads, military forces and special forces can make quick decisions about a possible threat object with a reliable system. The first step for a safe neutralisation of a possible dangerous object begins with clear insights. Therefore, our portable X-ray systems are a staple to ensure security in EOD and IED inspections.

Portable X-Ray Baggage Scan

Abandoned packages in public areas are one of the most over-looked security threats worldwide. However, current investigation methods used by local security operators cannot always guarantee a safe neutralisation of the situation. With portable X-ray systems, safety operators do not have to guess and touch baggages before knowing what exactly there is inside. Thus, our systems are vital in ensuring safety at airports and other public areas.

Portable X-Ray Border Control

Having an effective border screening operation has a direct impact on the country’s general safety level. Portable digital X-ray systems are effective in the detection of smuggled explosives, narcotics and contraband during customs inspections. In addition, being able to inspect vehicles and other objects which enable smuggling items, allows customs and border control to perform investigations in a non-destructive way without opening them. Therefore, Pexraytech’s portable X-ray solutions are essential in securing borders.

Portable X-Ray Forensic

For a proper crime investigation, police require information on the spot. Therefore, the collection of information needs to be fast and clean without contamination of crime evidence. Pexraytech’s portable digital X-ray systems allow for efficient and reliable inspections. In addition, the large imaging size of our portable digital X-ray system and user-friendly software enables effective use for even the most rare users. 

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We operate globally disrupting the Portable X-ray security industry. Therefore, we are constantly looking for talented and passionate people from business development, software and hardware engineering backgrounds to join our journey.

At Pexraytech, we take ownership and improve ourselves to be better in what we love.

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