NDT (Non-destructive testing)

Digital radiographic technology has proved to be superior technique in different NDT (non-destructive testing) applications. It has many advantages when comparing to traditional films which are used with X-ray source. Some of the immediate wins of digital radiography include: the elimination of timely and costly film processing, the ability to view the image immediately on the spot from a PC, superior high contrast image quality, consistency in image quality (less over and under exposed images, and ability to perform post image processing to further enhance image quality.

Pexraytech understands the required standards for X-ray imaging in NDT. Our NDT specific systems are designed to increase inspection efficiency and consistency. Our customers ae most advances NDT specialists who see digital X-ray system as irreplaceable technique in their day-to-day operation. Pexraytech’s systems helps to deliver and maintain high quality products and components in critical infrastructures.

Weld inspection

Detect tiniest weld defects effectively and reliably. Pexraytech’s NDT specified portable X-ray systems enable detection of typical welding defects like porosities, cracks, undercuts, etc.

Corrosion inspection

Corrosion is one of the biggest issues in industries which rely on piping networks. Over time, corrosion weaken the pipe’s wall thickness, which can lead to loss of structural integrity and some cases even ruptures.

Portable X-ray systems can be used to monitor the corrosion inside the pipes and therefore take actions before possible disasters occur.

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