NDT Systems

All of our Portable X-ray systems are designed and manufactured to be easily set up and used. Our user-friendly software interface makes it easy for users to carry out detailed inspections, even in the most demanding situations.

Pexraytech’s Alpha series is designed to produce uncompromised image quality. Our systems are developed in close cooperation with end-users so that they will meet their exact requirements. Our PXR Alpha series X-Ray systems are specifically designed for NDT applications. 

However, the Alpha series is also highly suitable for security applications.

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Flat panels

portable x ray system NDT inspection solutions

PXR Alpha 17

The PXR Alpha 17 high resolution Flat Panel Detector offers superior image quality and excellent durability to survive rough handling. It is perfect for weld inspection where standardization requires extreme accuracy.

Key specifications:

Active imaging area: 172,8 mm × 230,4 mm
Uncovered active area: 3 mm (bottom), 6 mm (right)
Pixel size: 75 μm
portable x ray system NDT inspection solutions

PXR Alpha 25

The PXR Alpha 25 flat panel detector with high resolution offers superior image quality and is very durable for use in rough conditions. The size of the panel is optimized for use in tight spaces.

Key specifications:

Active imaging area: 253,95 mm × 317,44 mm
Uncovered active area: 8,5 mm (bottom & right)
Pixel size: 124 μm

PXR Alpha 36

The PXR Alpha 36 large-area flat panel detector with high resolution. It is durable in the roughest conditions. It is the perfect choice for any NDT applications where attention to details and large objects are inspected.

Key specifications:

Active imaging area: 358,3 mm × 430,08 mm
Uncovered active area: 8 mm (bottom), 9mm (right)
Pixel size: 140 μm

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PXR Generator GEXRS3

The PXR Generator GEXRS3 is a 270 kV, battery powered, pulsing type X-Ray generator used for security and light industrial applications. Its high kV enables the radiation to penetration dense materials.

Key specifications:

Output range: 270 kVp
Weight: 5.3 kg (10.7 lb)
Waveform: Pulsing

PXR Generator 160

The PXR Generator 160 is battery powered, constant potential X-Ray generator. NDT Inspectors can rely on accurate X-ray images provided by a 0,4 mm focal spot . Security operators can have a rugged generator with high penetration of steel.

Key specifications:

Output range: 40 – 160 kV
Output current: 0,1 mA to 1,0 mA
IP rating: IP54


PXR HUB – Control unit

The PXR Hub allows the PXR Flat and Scanning Panels to connect to Constant Potential and Pulsing type Generators seamlessly to a Tablet or Laptop up to 50 m either wired or wireless.

Key specifications:

Wireless interface: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
External dimensions: 206 x 115 x 30 mm
Weight: 750 g (1,54 lb)

What Our Customers Think Of Us

  • PXR Alpha 25 system with GE 270kV pulsing generator has proved to have reliable wireless connections and I do not use cables anymore. This has made my job more efficient and pleasant.

    Kiwa Inspecta Oy
    Building pipe inspector (corrosion inspection)
  • PXR Alpha 17 NDT system has worked reliably, and image quality has been exceptionally good. Our customers have wish to have similar images in the future

    NDT Team Oy
    NDT inspector (welding seams, corrosion, structural inspection), Level 2
  • PXR Alpha 17 NDT system has proved to be very reliable and easy to use. We use the system for inspecting welds and corrosion.

    Dekra Oy
    NDT inspector (welding seams, corrosion, structural inspection), Level 3, Dekra Oy

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