Weld Inspection

The most common use for digital radiography in the NDT field is for weld inspections. All welds which are made for critical applications must be inspected according to different quality standards like the EN-17636, ASME, ISO or other similar ones. Such application are piping, boilers and pressurised vessels in oil, gas and energy sector.

Digital X-ray systems enable inspections during the different stages of the weld lifecycle. For instance, inspectors can perform tests during and after manufacturing, after installation and during use. All are critical stages to ensure secure and safe operational environment.

The PXR Alpha series are designed specifically for weld inspections in industrial NDT applications. Additionally, our PXR Alpha 17 panels are used in cases with the most demanding quality requirements. All our PXR Alpha Series panels produce accurate and reliable images which are easy for the users to interpret.

Suggested Configurations

PXR Alpha Series HUB Setups


  • PXR HUB controls the panel
  • Connections can be made wirelessly or by wire
  • Connection by wire can reach up to 50 m
  • Connection by WiFi can reach up to 25 m
  • PXR Software controls the detector panel

Key Benefits

  • Excellent workflow
  • Any type of generator can be used with PXR Alpha panels
  • Reliable wired/wireless connection

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