As a portable digital X-Ray systems manufacturer, Pexraytech has the ability to offer versatile solutions for different types of users.
End users have been part of the product development process since the beginning. Therefore, our software is the most intuitive on the portable X-Ray market.


Portable Digital X-Ray Solutions

Pexraytech is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge portable X-Ray imaging systems for security, non-destructive testing (NDT) and other sectors that demand special X-Ray solutions.

Pexraytech is based in Finland makes use of the extensive X-Ray engineering expertise that Finland has. As well as providing innovative and intuitive X-Ray solutions for security and NDT purposes we also offer advanced customized systems to users who need special X-Ray solutions for other applications.

Pexraytech offers wide range of different products.

We can combine different panels and generators to best serve end user's needs.

Business areas


We are constantly looking for talented and passionate people from business, software and hardware engineering backgrounds to join our journey.

At Pexraytech, we take ownership and improve ourselves to be better in what we love.

Are you interested in being part of our endeavour?